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City: Oakland 
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BART trains serve Downtown Oakland with the following stations in the area:

Amtrak, Ferry

Amtrak trains stop at Oakland Jack London Square Station by the waterfront.

Ferry to San Francisco depart from the Jack London Square Ferry Terminal near Broadway.

Bus - AC Transit

  Free Broadway Shuttle    Downtown Oakland - Jack London Square

  NL    MacArthur Limited: Eastmont Transit Center - San Francisco

  USAsia    Bay Area - Los Angeles, San Francisco - Reno, Los Angeles - Las Vegas

  1    International: Bay Fair Station - Downtown Berkeley

  1R    International Rapid: Bay Fair Station - Downtown Berkeley via International and Telegraph

  11    Harrison: Piedmont (Highland Ave and Highland Way) - Fruitvale and Montana

  12    Grand: Downtown Berkeley - Downtown Oakland via MLK, Grand

  14    East 18th St: Downtown Oakland - Fruitvale Station via Laurel

  18    Albany - Montclair via Solano, Shattuck, MLK, and Park

  20    Fruitvale & MacArthur - Downtown Oakland via Fruitvale, Alameda

  26    Emeryville Public Market - West Oakland - Downtown Oakland - Lakeshore via 40th, Adeline, 14th, Lakeshore

  31    Alameda Point - MacArthur BART via Downtown Oakland, West Oakland

  40    Bay Fair Station/Eastmont Transit Center - Downtown Oakland via Foothill and Bancroft

  51A    Rockridge BART - Fruitvale BART via Downtown Oakland, Alameda

  58L    Limited stops: Oakland Amtrak - Eastmont Transit Center via Broadway, Grand, Lake Park, MacArthur

  72    San Pablo Avenue: Oakland Amtrak Station - Hilltop Mall

  72M    Macdonald: Oakland Amtrak Station - Point Richmond

  72R    San Pablo Rapid: Oakland Jack London Square - Contra Costa College

  88    Market: Lake Merritt Station - Downtown Berkeley

  314    Tue, Thu: West Oakland Shopper

  618    School days only: 1st & International, Oakland, to Montera Middle School

  651    School days only: Jack London Square, Oakland to Holy Names High School

  800    All-Nighter: San Francisco - Richmond Station

  801    All-Nighter: Downtown Oakland - Fremont Station

  802    All-Nighter: Downtown Oakland - Berkeley Amtrak Station via San Pablo

  805    All-Nighter: Downtown Oakland - Oakland International Airport

  822    All-Nighter: San Francisco - Pittsburg/Bay Point Station (Friday and Saturday night)

  840    All-Nighter: Downtown Oakland - Eastmont Transit Center via Foothill

  851    All-Nighter: Fruitvale BART - Downtown Berkeley