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Accessible via elevators Available inside BART paid area   City: Pleasanton |  Owens Dr and Willow Rd

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Dublin/Pleasanton is the only BART station in the Tri-Valley area. Besides local bus service, this station is served by buses coming from the Central Valley. The station is located at the city border between Dublin and Pleasanton.


Departing  Arriving

Ticket machines are available at the ground-level station concourse below the freeway. First time riders must purchase a reusable BART ticket from the machine before boarding. All riders must pass through the faregates with a valid BART ticket or Clipper card. Keep the ticket or card for the ride and use it to pass through the faregates again when exiting the station.

This station features center platforms. Because it is an end station, BART Dublin/Pleasanton - Daly City train to Daly City may depart on either track. See overhead destination sign to see which train is departing from which track.

Any platform: BART Dublin/Pleasanton - Daly City to SF & Daly City.
Real time departures:
Next Station: Terminus Next Station: West Dublin/Pleasanton

Bus - Wheels

When transferring from BART, you can get a free BART to bus transfer before leaving the paid area. The transfer provides discounted one way fares on Wheels.

  Rapid    Rapid bus: Stoneridge Mall - Livermore

  1    Dublin/Pleasanton Station - East Dublin

  2    Dublin/Pleasanton Station - Tassajara and N Dublin Ranch

  3    Dublin/Pleasanton Station - West Dublin and Stoneridge Mall

  8A/8B    Dublin/Pleasanton Station - Downtown Pleasanton/Vintage Hills

  9    Dublin/Pleasanton Station - Hacienda Business Park (loop)

  10    Dublin/Pleasanton - Livermore via Downtown Pleasanton

  12    Livermore Transit Center - Dublin/Pleasanton Station via Las Positas College

  20X    Dublin/Pleasanton Station - Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory

  54    ACE Shuttle: Pleasanton Station - Dublin/Pleasanton Station

  70X    Pleasant Hill Station - Dublin/Pleasanton Station

  503    School days only: W. BART - Dublin High School - E. BART

Regional bus

  Amtrak Thruway 6    Stockton - San Jose

  Amtrak Thruway 34    Stockton - Oakland - San Francisco

  County Connection 35    San Ramon Transit Center - Dublin/Pleasanton Station via Dougherty Road

  County Connection 36    San Ramon Transit Center - Dublin/Pleasanton Station via San Ramon Valley Blvd

  County Connection 97X    Dublin/Pleasanton Station - Bishop Ranch via Bollinger Canyon Rd

  County Connection school routes 636    School days only: California High, Pine Valley Middle

  MAX to BART    Downtown Modesto - Dublin/Pleasanton Station

  San Joaquin RTD 150    Subscription service: Stockton/Lathrop - BART

BART to bus transfer is issued at the station for discounted one way fares on County Connection.


Unreserved spaces Reserved spaces Carpool
Weekdays before 10am $2.50 daily fee reserved permit required BART carpool permit + daily fee
10am - 3pm $2.50 daily fee
after 3pm free
Weekends all day

Diagram of parking areas

Reserved spaces require:

To pay the daily parking fee, remember your space number, enter through the faregates into the paid area and pay at an add fare machine. Parking gets full at the station by 6:45am. Additional free parking is available at Koll Center Park & Ride. Take Wheels line 50 from there to this station.


Bike racks (inside paid area) and 12 electronic BikeLink lockers are available at this station.

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