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Historic Streetcar: 17th St and Castro - Fisherman's Wharf (Jones and Beach) via Ferry Building


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Inbound means streetcars going toward Fisherman's Wharf. Outbound means streetcars going toward Castro.

F line features a variety of historic streetcars in various paint schemes. Some F line trips operate only between the Ferry Building and Fisherman's Wharf. Because of he popularity of the line, additional service is provided by buses on the same route making the same stops. For some major events, E-Embarcadero historic streetcar line will operate between Fisherman's Wharf and Caltrain via the Ferry Building.

Cash riders need to board through the front door and pay the fare at the farebox. Riders with a valid transfer, pass, or Clipper card can board through any door (Clipper users need to tap card when boarding). The Streetcar fare is the same as Muni Metro and buses. Riders without a valid proof of payment is subject to citation.

The streetcars do not have bicycle racks and do not allow bikes onboard.

Stop list

Stops with a smaller dot are not wheelchair accessible.

Stations Connections, Points of interest
Jones & Beach
Jefferson & Taylor ▶ Pier 45
Beach & Mason
Jefferson & Powell
Beach & Stockton
Embarcadero & Stockton
Pier 39, Pier 41
Along the Embarcadero
...& Bay
SF Cruise Terminal, Pier 33
...& Sansome
...& Greenwich
...& Green
...& Broadway
...& Washington
...& Ferry Building
Ferry Building
E-Embarcadero to AT&T Park
Ferry Plaza
Along Market Street
...& Main
Embarcadero Station
Muni Metro and BART run under Market Street.
...& 1st
...& 2nd (OB)
...& New Montgomery (IB)
Montgomery Station
...& 3rd
...& 4th
Moscone Center
...& 5th
Powell Station, Union Square
...& 6th
The Tenderloin
...& 7th
...& 8th
Civic Center Station
...& 9th
San Francisco Civic Center
...& South Van Ness
Van Ness Station
...& Gough
Hayes Valley
...& Guerrero
...& Buchanan
...& Dolores
...& Church
Church Station
...& Sanchez
17th & Castro
Castro Station, The Castro


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Disabled access

Streetcar is accessible at all stops between the Ferry Building and Fisherman's Wharf via wayside ramps, and at most stops on Market Street with wayside ramps or lifts.

At stops with ramps, passengers in wheelchairs or other mobility devices should wait on the top of the ramp. At stops with lifts, passengers should wait on the lift platform and press the "up" button to raise the lift when the streetcar arrives.

Muni Access Guide

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