Fresno County Rural Transit Agency

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Fresno County Rural Transit Agency (FCRTA) provides local and regional bus service in Fresno County rural areas. It connects with Fresno Area Express and KART in Downtown Fresno and Dinuba Area Regional Transit in Reedley. It does not provide connection to any transit system north of Fresno County. The northernmost stop is several miles away from the southernmost stop for the Merced The Bus system.

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Routes (subsystems)

Most subsystems provide dial-a-ride service. Some provide inter-city fixed route bus to Downtown Fresno.

  Auberry Transit    Dial-a-ride: Auberry

  Coalinga Transit    Scheduled service: Coalinga - Fresno, Dial-a-ride: Coalinga

  Del Rey Transit    Local Del Rey Dial-a-ride

  Firebaugh Transit    Local Firebaugh Dial-a-ride

  Fowler Transit    Local Fowler Dial-a-ride

  Huron Transit    Scheduled service: Huron - Coalinga, Dial-a-ride: Local Huron

  Kerman Transit    Local Kerman Dial-a-ride

  Kingsburg Transit    Local Kingsburg Dial-a-ride

  Lanare Transit    Local Lanare, Riverdale, Laton Dial-a-ride

  Mendota Transit    Local Mendota Dial-a-ride

  Orange Cove Transit    Scheduled service: Orange Cove - Fresno, Dial-a-ride: Local Orange Cove

  Parlier Transit    Local Parlier Dial-a-ride

  Reedley Transit    Local Reedley Dial-a-ride

  San Joaquin Transit    Local San Joaquin Dial-a-ride

  Sanger Transit    Local Sanger Dial-a-ride

  Selma Transit    Scheduled service & Dial-a-ride: Selma

  Southeast Transit    Kingsburg - Fresno

  Westside Transit    Firebaugh - Fresno