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Greyhound is a national bus operator with service throughout the lower 48-states. In the Bay Area and Los Angeles regions, Greyhound can be a suitable alternative for trips that involve multiple transit operators. However, given the long distance nature of the routes, service is generally less frequent and more expensive.

In some regions, transit agencies are not interconnected and Greyhound (and Amtrak to some extent) is the only mode connecting these cities. In rural areas, some transit agencies provide connecting bus service from various communities to Greyhound bus stops located in larger cities.

Greyhound web site


Some of the Greyhound terminals are located at or adjacent to major transit centers. Others are located a few blocks away.


Anaheim ARTIC
Arcata Arcata Transit Center
Bakersfield Bakersfield Greyhound
Banning Banning Greyhound
Barstow Barstow Station (bus stop)
Blythe Blythe Greyhound
Calexico Calexico Greyhound
Chico Chico Station
Claremont Claremont Greyhound
Colfax Colfax Greyhound
Colton Plaza Las Glorias
Delano Delano Greyhound
El Cajon El Cajon Station
El Centro El Centro Greyhound
El Monte El Monte Station (Transitway)
Escondido Escondido Transit Center Station
Fresno Fresno Greyhound
Gilroy Gilroy Station
Hayward Hayward Station (BART)
Indio Indio Transportation Center
King City King City Greyhound
Lodi Lodi Station
Long Beach Long Beach Greyhound
Los Angeles North Hollywood Greyhound
Los Angeles Los Angeles Greyhound
Los Banos Los Banos Greyhound
Madera Madera Intermodal Center
Marysville Marysville Greyhound
Merced Merced Transpo
Modesto Downtown Transit Center (Modesto)
Oakland Oakland Greyhound
Oceanside Oceanside Station
Oroville Oroville Greyhound
Oxnard Oxnard Station
Palmdale Palmdale Station
Paso Robles Paso Robles Station
Perris Perris Greyhound
Red Bluff Red Bluff Greyhound
Redding Downtown Transit Center (Redding)
Riverside Downtown Terminal (Riverside)
Roseville Roseville Station
Sacramento Sacramento Greyhound
Salinas Salinas Greyhound
San Bernardino San Bernardino Greyhound
San Diego San Diego Greyhound
San Diego San Ysidro/Tijuana Station
San Fernando La Rinda Shopping Center
San Francisco Transbay Terminal
San Jose San Jose Greyhound
San Rafael San Rafael Transit Center
Santa Ana Santa Ana Station
Santa Barbara Santa Barbara Station
Santa Cruz Santa Cruz Metro Center
Santa Maria Santa Maria Greyhound
Santa Rosa Santa Rosa Greyhound
Stockton Stockton Greyhound
Suisun City Suisun/Fairfield Station
Temecula Old Town Temecula
Tracy Tracy Transit Station
Truckee Truckee Station
Tulare Tulare Transit Center
Turlock Turlock City Park
Ukiah Ukiah Municipal Airport
Victorville Victorville Station
Visalia Visalia Transit Center
Watsonville Watsonville Transit Center
Weed Weed Greyhound
Willits Willits Greyhound

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