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Island Transit is a bus system covering Island County, with regional connection to Everett and Mount Vernon. It connects with Skagit Transit and Washington State Ferries. The bus system has two networks with one cover Whidbey Island and another covering Camano Island (routes with letter C). The two networks connect at Mount Vernon.

Island Transit web site

All Island Transit routes are free of charge.

Bus routes

  1    Clinton - Oak Harbor

  2    West Oak Harbor/Crosby Road

  3    East Oak Harbor/Sleeper Rd

  4    Oak Harbor - Deception Pass

  5    Freeland/Langley

  6    West Beach/Coupeville Ferry

  7    Langley Loop

  8    Scatchet Head

  9    Oak Harbor City Shuttle - West

  10    Oak Harbor City Shuttle - East

  1C    Camano Island West Route

  2C    East Route Camano

  3C    Terry's Corner - Stanwood

  4C    Commuter

  5C    Saturday: Camano Loop

  411C    Camano Island - Mt. Vernon

  411W    Oak Harbor - Deception Pass - Mt. Vernon/Skagit

Coverage map

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