Las Vegas Strip

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Las Vegas Strip is portion of Las Vegas Boulevards where the many of the Vegas' hotels/casinos are located. It is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world. Besides gambling, resorts on the Las Vegas Strip offer world class dining, shopping, and entertainment.

Transit service on the Strip

Buses and monorail provide service along the Las Vegas Strip:

RTC Transit Deuce RTC Transit Strip & Downtown Express Las Vegas Monorail
Deucebus.jpg Rtcace.jpg Lvmonorail.jpg
Characteristics Local service along Las Vegas Blvd. Limited stop service mostly along Las Vegas Blvd. Rail service on the backside of resorts east of the Strip
Access Front curb stop at most hotels/casinos. Front curb stop at some hotels/casinos. Direct access from some hotels on the east side, but generally need to walk through casino floor and shops to get to the station. Riders also have to walk up and down (or use elevators) to get to the platforms.
Speed/realiability Slow service due to frequent stops, long dwell time, and traffic. Faster service but subject to traffic delays. Fastest - no traffic.
Service hours 24 hour service 9am to 12:30am 7am to 2am (Mon-Thu), 3am (Fri-Sun)
Fare $5 for 2 hour pass, $7 for 24 hour pass - Pay fare from machines or onboard. $5 for 2 hour pass, $7 for 24 hour pass - Pay fare from machines only. This line uses proof of payment system. Use all doors to board. $5 one way, $12 day pass - Pay fare from machines.
A valid RTC ticket is good on either bus route. Ticket is not good for other transit.
Areas also serves Fremont Street Experience Fremont Street Experience, Las Vegas Convention Center, outlet malls Las Vegas Convention Center

Some resorts on the west side of the strip provide free elevated trams between the resorts.