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Chatsworth, Warner Center - North Hollywood Station



Los Angeles Metro Orange Line Orange Line is a Bus Rapid Transit line through San Fernando Valley in Los Angeles. The Orange Line operates on an exclusive busway in a manner similar to light rail. Passengers buy tickets from ticket machines at stations and board the bus through any door.

Service runs every 4-5 minutes during weekday peak hours, every 10 minutes midday and weekend daytime, and every 20 minutes from 8pm until after midnight. Service is extended to about 2am on Friday and Saturday nights. During day time, east of Canoga Station, buses from North Hollywood alternate between Warner Center and Chatsworth, with additional buses running between Chatsworth and Warner Center during weekday peak hours. At night, buses from North Hollywood serve Warner Center first and continue to Chatworth (and vice versa).

In North Hollywood, the Orange Line connects with Metro
Los Angeles Metro Rail Red Line
Red Line subway to Hollywood and Downtown LA. Orange Line also connects with Metrolink and Amtrak at Chatsworth.

Route and stations

Stations Connections
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Metrolink, Amtrak
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Sherman Way
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During day time, buses from North Hollywood alternate between serving Warner Center and Chatsworth. At night, all buses from North Hollywood serve Warner Center first then to Chatsworth.
Warner Center
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De Soto
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Pierce College
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Van Nuys
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Valley College
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Laurel Canyon
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North Hollywood
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Los Angeles Metro Rail Red Line
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