Mendocino Transit Authority

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Mendocino Transit Authority (MTA) provides transit service in Mendocino County, including cities and towns of Ukiah, Willits, and Fort Bragg. MTA also connects with other transit operators at Santa Rosa Transit Mall.

MTA's web site



  1    Willits Rider: Willits local service

  5    BraggAbout: Fort Bragg local service

  7    Jitney: Ukiah Valley service

  9    Local: Ukiah Valley service

  20    Willits - Redwood Valley - Ukiah

  60    The Coaster: Fort Bragg - Navarro River Junction

  65    CC Rider: Fort Bragg - Willits - Ukiah - Santa Rosa

  75    Gualala - Navarro River Junction - Ukiah

  95    South Mendocino Coast Bus: Point Arena - Santa Rosa