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San Diego Trolley is a light rail system serving Downtown San Diego, Mission Valley, La Mesa, El Cajon, Santee, Chula Vista, National City and the international border at San Ysidro.


Train service

Station information:

The system is consisted of three lines

San Diego Trolley Blue Line Blue Line - Downtown - San Ysidro/Tijuana
San Diego Trolley Orange Line Orange Line - Downtown - El Cajon
San Diego Trolley Green Line Green Line - Downtown/Convention Center - Santee

San Diego Trolley uses proof of payment fare system. All riders must have a valid ticket or pass prior to boarding. Ticket machines are available at all stations.


How to take San Diego Trolley

Plan your trip

Select a station through the map above for access and parking information on individual stations.

Riding the trolley

Before you board the trolley, you need to buy a ticket or pass from a San Diego Trolley ticket machine located at every station. At some stations, machines are located on one of the two platforms only. At elevated or underground stations, ticket machines are located at the station entrances.

On the platform, board the train that goes to your station. The headsign on the vehicle will show the destination and (for some) line color. As the train comes to a stop, press a button adjacent to the doors to open them.

On the train, announcements will be made for the next station. Press a button near the door way to open them.


Bicycles can be taken aboard the trolley at all hours on all cars with no additional fare. During rush hours, one bike is permitted on each car. At other times, two bikes are permitted.

  • Board the train through the rear door of the car.
  • Stand with the bike during the trip.

Disabled access

Older trolleys are equipped with wheelchair lifts to provide access. Riders requiring the use of lift should wait at the blue wheelchair symbol painted on the platform (basically at the front end of the train). Operator will deploy the lift to board and disembark.


Some cars operating on the Green Line are low floor. To board low floor trolleys, use the two center doors of the car, which are equipped with ramps. Press one of the blue buttons with the wheelchair symbol on the door to deploy a ramp.

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