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Santa Maria Area Transit provides transit in the City of Santa Maria. Most SMAT routes connect at Santa Maria Transit Center. SMAT connects with San Luis Obispo RTA, Breeze Bus, Amtrak Thruway, and Greyhound.

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Bus routes

  1    Hidden Pines/Broadway/Transit Center

  2    Downtown/McCoy/Mussel Senior Center/Hidden Pines

  3    Downtown/Marian Hospital/Merrill Gardens/Allan Hancock College

  4    Downtown/College/Edwards Community Center/Minami Center/ VTC/Airport

  5/6    Downtown/Blosser/Old Orcutt/Rice Ranch/Oak Knolls

  7    Downtown/Allan Hancock College/Crossroads Shopping Center/McCoy/Lakeview Road

  8    McCoy/Tanglewood

  61    Oak Knolls/Stowell (Evening)

  62    Marian Urgent Care (Evening)