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Sonoma County Transit provides county-level bus service throughout Sonoma County and city-level service in some cities such as Sebastopol, Rohnert Park, Cloverdale, and Sonoma. Sonoma County Transit connects with Santa Rosa CityBus, Petaluma Transit, which provide local service in respective cities, and Golden Gate Transit, which provides inter-county service to Marin County and San Francisco.

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  10    Rohert Park (Hunter Drive and Senior Center) - Sonoma State University

  12    Rohert Park (Hunter Drive and Senior Center) - Northern Rohert Park

  14    Rohert Park (Hunter Drive and Senior Center) - Northern Rohert Park

  20    Russian River area - Santa Rosa via Forestville and Sebastapol

  22    Sebastopol - Santa Rosa Transit Mall

  24    Sebastopol

  26    Sebastopol - Rohnert Park

  28    Guerneville - Monte Rio

  30    Sonoma - Kaiser Santa Rosa (weekday)/Coddingtown (weekend)

  32    Sonoma

  34    Sonoma - Santa Rosa Transit Mall

  38    Kenwood - San Rafael Transit Center via Glen Ellen and Sonoma

  40    Sonoma - Petaluma Transit Mall

  42    Santa Rosa Transit Mall - Industry West Park

  44    Coddingtown - Petaluma via Sonoma State and McDowell Blvd

  46    Santa Rosa Transit Mall - Sonoma State University Express

  48    Coddingtown - Petaluma via Cotati and Petaluma Blvd

  60    Cloverdale - Santa Rosa

  62    Santa Rosa - Windsor via Sonoma County Airport

  66    Windsor Shuttle

  68    Cloverdale