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(ST) Lakewood - SeaTac


Points of interest/Connections

BSicon LSTR.svg Local stop segment BSicon HST.svg Regular bus stops BSicon BHF.svg Transit centers
Major stops Points of interest
BSicon KBHFa.svg
Lakewood Towne Center
SR 512 Park & Ride
BSicon BHF.svg
BSicon STR.svg
Sounder, Tacoma Link connection:
BSicon fexCONTg.svg
BSicon uexCONTg.svg
BSicon LSTR.svg
Tacoma Dome Station
BSicon fexBHF.svg
BSicon uexKBHFe.svg
BSicon BHF.svg
Tacoma Dome
BSicon fexCONTf.svg
BSicon .svg
BSicon STR.svg
BSicon STR.svg
I-5.svg HOV lanes
Federal Way Transit Center
BSicon BHF.svg
The Commons at Federal Way, Truman High School
Starlake Park & Ride
BSicon BHF.svg
Kent-Des Moines Park & Ride
BSicon BHF.svg
BSicon STR.svg
Central Link connection:
BSicon LSTR.svg
Seatac Station
BSicon uexKBHFa.svg
BSicon LKHSTe.svg
Seattle-Tacoma International Airport
BSicon uexCONTf.svg

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