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Transbay Temporary Terminal is a major bus transit center in Downtown San Francisco, and the only stop in San Francisco for nearly all AC Transit and WestCAT buses from the East Bay. This facility is located two blocks south of Market Street and Embarcadero Station. Clipper Add Value machines and restrooms are available at this terminal. It was moved from the original location on Mission Street in August 2010 to facilitate the reconstruction of the terminal.

Diagram of bus stop locations



AC Transit

All AC Transit Transbay routes to/from San Francisco stop at the terminal.

  B    Trestle Glen: Oakland - San Francisco

  C    Moraga Avenue: Piedmont (Highland Ave and Highland Way) - San Francisco

  CB    Broadway Terrace: Oakland - San Francisco

  E    Claremont: Oakland (Caldecott Lane and Parkwood Apts) - San Francisco

  F    Adeline: Downtown Berkeley (Hearst and Shattuck) - San Francisco

  FS    North Berkeley: Berkeley (Solano and Colusa) - San Francisco

  G    Solano: El Cerrito (Potrero and Richmond) - San Francisco

  H    Richmond (Barrett and San Pablo) - San Francisco via Arlington

  J    Sacramento: Berkeley (Sacramento and University) - San Francisco

  L    Pierce: San Pablo (Princeton Plaza) - San Francisco

  LA    Hilltop: Richmond (Park Central and Hilltop) - San Francisco

  LC    Evening: San Francisco - San Pablo, Hilltop

  NL    MacArthur Limited: Eastmont Transit Center - San Francisco

  NX    Morning: Oakland (Seminary and MacArthur) - San Francisco

  NX1    Afternoon: San Francisco (Transbay Terminal) - Oakland (Fruitvale and MacArthur)

  NX2    Afternoon: San Francisco (Transbay Terminal) - Oakland (High and MacArthur)

  NX3    Eastmont: San Leandro (Marlow and Foothill) - San Francisco

  NX4    Castro Valley Park & Ride - San Francisco

  NXC    Evening: San Francisco - Castro Valley Park & Ride

  O    Santa Clara: Fruitvale BART - San Francisco via Alameda

  OX    East Alameda: Bay Farm Island - San Francisco

  P    Oakland Avenue: Piedmont - San Francisco

  S    Hayward (Eden Shores Park) - San Francisco

  SB    Newark (Cedar and Stevenson) - San Francisco

  V    Park Blvd: Oakland (College and Broadway) - San Francisco via Montclair

  W    Otis: Alameda (Broadway and Blanding) - San Francisco

  Z    6th Street: San Francisco - Albany (Buchanan and Pierce)

  800    All-Nighter: San Francisco - Richmond Station


Muni buses stop at the perimeter of the terminal.

  5    Fulton: Transbay Terminal - Civic Center - 8th Ave (weekday daytime), Ocean Beach (night and weekend)

  5L    Fulton Limited: Transbay Terminal - Civic Center - Ocean Beach (Richmond District)

  30X    Marina Express: The Marina (Beach and Divisadero) - Downtown

  38    Geary: Richmond District - Transbay Terminal

  38L    Geary Limited: Richmond District (Point Lobos) - Transbay Terminal

  41    Union: Lyon and Greenwich - Downtown

  71    Haight-Noriega: Outer Sunset (Ortega and 48th Ave) - Transbay Terminal

  71L    Haight-Noriega Limited: Outer Sunset (Ortega and 48th Ave) - Transbay Terminal

  81X    Caltrain Express: 4th & King Caltrain - Downtown

  82X    Levi Plaza Express: 4th & King Caltrain - Levi Plaza (Sansome and Filbert)

  108    Treasure Island: to/from Transbay Terminal


SamTrans buses depart on Main Street. Buses will still serve stops along Mission Street.

  KX    Redwood City Station - San Francisco (Transbay Terminal)

  292    Hillsdale Station - San Francisco (Transbay Terminal)

  397    All-Nighter: Palo Alto Station - San Francisco (Transbay Terminal)

Golden Gate Transit

Golden Gate Transit bus stop (basic service to the North Bay) is located on Main Street.

  10    Strawberry Village - San Francisco via Sausalito

  70    Novato - San Francisco

  80    Early mornings/nights/weekends: Santa Rosa - San Francisco

  101    Express: Santa Rosa - San Francisco

Additional Golden Gate Transit commute routes stop on streets within a few blocks from the terminal.


Lynx bus to/from Hercules stops inside the terminal.


Greyhound depot is located by Folsom Street with a separate indoor waiting room and ticket counters.

Stop info


  BoltBus Bay Area - Los Angeles route    Bay Area - Los Angeles

  PresidiGo Downtown Shuttle    Presidio Transit Center - Transbay Terminal

  PresidiGo Caltrain Connector Shuttle    Caltrain - Transbay Terminal (Connect with PresidiGo Downtown Shuttle)

  Caltrans Bay Bridge Bicycle Shuttle    MacArthur Station - Transbay Terminal

  Kaiser San Francisco Shuttle Yellow Line    Downtown - Kaiser San Francisco

  SFVAMC Shuttle    Ferry Building, Transbay, Caltrain, Civic Ctr - SFVAMC