Seattle Streetcar South Lake Union Line

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Westlake Center - South Lake Union

Map and schedule

Seattle Streetcar is a modern streetcar line that runs every 15 minutes (10 minutes during afternoon peak hours) throughout the day. Fare is $2.50 for adults, $0.75 for seniors and the disabled. Youth fare (6-17) us $1.25. This line uses proof of payment. Cash passengers can pay the fare at ticket machines located at stops. OCRA card holders can present the card to the inspector as payment.

Stop list

Station/stop names Connections
Fairview & Campus Drive
BSicon uKBHFa.svg
Lake Union Park
BSicon uBHF.svg
Lake Union Park
BSicon uSPLa.svg
Westlake & Mercer (Southbound)
BSicon uvBHFrf-BHFrg.svg
Terry & Mercer (Northbound)
Westlake & Thomas (Southbound)
BSicon uvBHFrf-BHFrg.svg
Terry & Thomas (Northbound)
BSicon uSPLe.svg
Westlake & 9th
BSicon uBHF.svg
Westlake & 7th
BSicon uBHF.svg
Westlake Hub
BSicon BLg.svg
BSicon uKBHFe.svg
BSicon CONTgq violet.svg
BSicon BL.svg
BSicon KBHFr violet.svg
BSicon extCONTgq.svg
BSicon BLf.svg
BSicon extBHFq.svg
BSicon extCONTfq.svg


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