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Stanislaus Regional Transit (StaRT) provides regional bus and dial-a-ride service in Stanislaus County, connecting cities such as Modesto, Ceres, and Turlock along with rural communities west of Highway 99.

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Fixed route service

  10    Express: Turlock - Downtown Modesto

  15    Turlock - Downtown Modesto

  40    Downtown Modesto - Grayson - Westley - Patterson

  45 East    Patterson - Turlock

  45 West    Gustine - Newman - Patterson

  60    Downtown Modesto - Oakdale

  70    Downtown Modesto - Turlock - Merced

Flexible route and Dial-a-ride service

  Eastside Shuttle    Oakdale - Riverbank - Modesto

  Newman Dial-a-ride    Gustine - Patterson

  Oakdale Dial-a-ride    Local Oakdale Dial-a-ride

  Patterson Dial-a-ride    Patterson

  Riverbank Dial-a-ride    Local Riverbank Dial-a-ride

  Turlock/Modesto Shuttle    Modesto to Turlock

  Waterford Dial-a-ride    Waterford - Oakdale

  Waterford/Modesto Runabout    Waterford - Modesto