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City: Seattle 

Points of interest


Sound Transit Central Link/Seattle Transit Tunnel

Central Link Light Rail (to airport) and numerous bus routes travel in the Downtown Seattle Transit Tunnel.

  73    Jackson Park - Cowen Park - Downtown Seattle

  77    Express: North City - Downtown Seattle

  101    Express: Renton TC - Downtown Seattle

  150    Kent Station - Downtown Seattle

Seattle Streetcar and Monorail

Both Seattle Streetcar South Lake Union Line and Seattle Center Monorail have stops in downtown by the Pacific Place/Westlake Center shopping district, connecting with Central Link Light Rail at Westlake Station.

Sounder and Amtrak

Sounder trains (to Everett and Tacoma/Lakewood) and Amtrak trains stop at the King Street Station at the southern edge of downtown.


Ferry routes to Bremerton, Bainbridge Island, West Seattle, and Vashon Island depart from the Seattle Ferry Terminal, located at the downtown waterfront.

Washington State Ferries (passenger/vehicle)

  Seattle / Bainbridge Island Route    Downtown Seattle - Bainbridge Island

King County Water Taxi (passenger only)

Bus - street level

Most buses to and through Downtown Seattle travel on 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Avenue. Because of the high bus volume, buses do not serve every stop along those streets. See these maps for bus stop locations:

King County Metro

  C    RapidRide: West Seattle - Downtown Seattle

  12    Interlaken Park - First Hill - Downtown Seattle

  40    Northgate TC - Ballard - Downtown Seattle

  43    University District - Downtown Seattle

  83    Owl: Downtown Seattle - University District - Maple Leaf - Ravenna

  159    Express: Timberlane - Lake Meridian P&R - Kent Station - Downtown Seattle

  179    Express: Twin Lakes P&R - Downtown Seattle

  210    Express: Issaquah TC - Downtown Seattle

  252    Express: Kingsgate - Downtown Seattle

  257    Express: Brickyard P&R - Downtown Seattle

  306    Express: Kenmore - Downtown Seattle

Sound Transit

  578    (ST) Puyallup - Seattle

  592    (ST) Olympia - DuPont - Seattle

  594    (ST) Lakewood - Tacoma - Seattle

  595    (ST) Gig Harbor - Seattle

Community Transit

  402    Lynnwood - Downtown Seattle

  413    Downtown Seattle - Swamp Creek P&R

Other bus

None at this point.