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Lake Transit provides bus service in Lake County. Service area includes Clearlake, Lakeport, and Kelseyville. It connects with Mendocino Transit Authority in Ukiah and VINE in Calistoga.

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  Dial-a-ride    Within Clearlake, Lower Lake, or Lake Port

  1    North Shore, Clearlake to Lakeport

  2    Highway 175, Kit’s Corner to Middletown

  3    Highway 29, Clearlake to Deer Park

  4    Southshore, Clearlake to Lakeport

  4A    Soda Bay, Kit’s Corner to Lakeport

  5    Night: Clearlake / Clearlake Park

  7    Lakeport / Ukiah

  8    Lakeport City

  10    Clearlake / Clearlake Park North Loop

  11    The Avenues Loop

  12    Clearlake / Lower Lake South Loop